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HP M402 M403 M426 M427 NVRAM Initialization

Updated: May 8, 2020

Printer NVRAM initialization For M402 M403 M426 M427 Laser Printers

Laser Printer NVRAM Initialization will clear advanced settings like printer name and serial number, etc. An NVRAM reset is typically not needed. It's a good idea to print out a configuration page before doing an NVRAM Initialization and keep a hard copy of the original settings.

Note: All HP Jetdirect settings are also reset. Be sure to print a configuration page before performing the M402 M403 M426 M427 NVRAM initialization. Make note of the IP address that is listed on the Jetdirect configuration page. You need to restore the IP address after performing an NVRAM initialization.

The M402 M403 M426 M427 NVRAM initialization erases all data stored in the unprotected NVRAM sections. Performing an NVRAM initialization resets the following settings and information:

  • All menu settings are reset to factory default values.

  • All localization settings, including language and country/region, are reset.

After performing the M402 M403 M426 M427 NVRAM initialization, reconfigure any computers that print to this printer so that the computers can recognize the printer.

  • Turn the laser printer off and perform one of the following steps:

M402 M403 LCD control panel models: Simultaneously press and hold the right arrow button and the Cancel button. Keep these buttons depressed as you turn the printer on.

M426 M427 Touchscreen control panel models: Turn the printer on. When the HP logo appears on the display, press and holds the lower right quadrant of the touchscreen. It takes about 45 seconds before the NVRAM initialization process begins.

  • When the Permanent Storage Init. The message appears on the display, release the buttons.

  • When the printer has finished the NVRAM initialization, it returns to the Ready state.

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