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How to Install HP CP1025 M251 M276 Fuser Replacement Instructions RM1-8780

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Today we will be reviewing the removal and installation process for the HP CP1025 M251 M276 Fuser Replacement Instructions part number RM1-8780


Failure to power down before installing or removing fuser will void warranty

Your HP CP1025 M251 M276 Fuser part number RM1-8780 has been built to the highest quality standards.If you are experiencing problems with this fuser (jams, noises, poor print quality, etc.), please observe the following:

If the fusers sleeve does not spin when you manually turn the gear, please do not

assume that the fuser will not run in the printer. At room temperature, the grease

applied inside the sleeve thickens and may actually prevent the sleeve from

spinning. When the fuser is installed and run in the printer, the grease will heat up

and attain proper viscosity.

Start by making sure the printer is off for at least 15 minutes and unplugged. Approach the printer from the front and open the tray door.

Repair Notes

  • The fuser and maintenance kit has 125,000 page yield

  • This fuser and kit is available at in an number of different options at Metrofuser

  • No page count reset procedure.

RM1-8780-000CN is compatible with:

HP LaserJet Pro 200 color MFP M276nw

HP LaserJet pro 200 color printer m251nw

HP LaserJet pro 200 color mfp m276n

If you continue to experience paper jams after replacing the fuser, replace the

feed/separation separation rollers (one in the paper tray and two in the bottom of

the printer) and three MP tray rollers. Ensure that the paper you are printing on is

within the specifications allowed by HP. For tray one/MP tray, the paper must be

between 16lb and 54lb. For trays two to six, the paper must be between 16lb and


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