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How Plastic Cover Refinishing Improves Part Availability + Increases Profits

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Resurfacing and Refinishing External Plastic Covers Improves Part Availability And Boasts Profits for Original Equipment Manufactures and Service Providers.

Plastic cover resurfacing is an art and science that revitalizes parts and devices that would have been unmarketable. Since 2003 Metrofuser has worked with imaging device plastic covers and panels, developing processes to rework them to a like new condition.

Why is Cover Refinishing needed?

High demand parts and devices that suffer shortages and price increases that are proportional to the length of the supply chain. Original equipment manufactures (OEMs) and service providers are increasingly looking to the aftermarket to fill the gaps.

Top Causes of Printer / Copier Plastic Cover Damage

  1. One of the biggest causes of plastic over damaged happens during the repair process. Cover removal can be complicated as since many times they are interconnected. Covers sometimes get broken by the very people trying to repair and maintain them, technicians during disassembly. Learn About HP Cover Removal

  2. The second biggest cause of panel replacement is aging covers- Over time plastic MFP copier cover / panels change color. Some grow darker and some turn yellow.

Will Non-OEM Printer Parts Void My New Printer Warranty?

We have sold thousands of parts to OEMs directly and thru intermediaries that ultimately flow into their warranty service programs as field replacement units (FRU). During that time we have analyzed and learned from the different types of damage that occurs and more importantly developed solutions.

Resurfacing and Refinishing External Plastic Covers Improves Part Availability And Boasts Profits for Original Equipment Manufactures and Service Providers

Resurfacing and painting plastic panels requires a sophisticated level of detail. Complicating the process is panels age at different rates so color correction must target the current baseline color rather then the original color to avoid introducing a whole new variant.

Solving The HP Laser Printer Cover Panel Discoloring Phenomenon

Painting color matching technology spectrophotometer

Resurfacing plastic covers begins with the reverse engineering color schemes using color matching technology called a spectrophotometer.

Yellowing plastic covers is complicated by its uneven aspect from cover to cover.

From our experience working with with numerous OEM devices we created custom formulas and processes that include;

  • Reverse engineer the color corrected paint

  • Surface prepping multi step milling approach to removing scratch and blemishes

  • Powder coating

  • Drying

  • Finishing

  • Bulk or field replacement unit FRU Packaging

Metrofuser's Resurfacing and Refinishing Process makes a 20 Year Old Yellowing HP 4250 Printer Side Cover Panel look Brand New For MPS Programs

Products That Utilize Plastic Cover Resurfacing and Refinishing

Specific Benefits For Original Equipment Manufactures OEMs

  • Extension of warranty programs - This process allows OEMs to improve part availability for faster repair times and enable service teams to meet and beat service-level agreement (SLA) contract requirements.

  • Productive ROI extension of existing product returns programs.

  • Expands return and remarketing whole units program.

Specific Benefits For Printer + Printer, Copier Service Departments

  • Reduce part costs

  • Access to hard to find parts gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to offer services others cant.

  • Improve parts availability

Specific Benefits For MPS Providers and Programs

  • Better parts availability allows your team to meet and beat service-level agreement (SLA) contract requirements.

  • Extended the life of devices that are in good working order but cosmetically inferior

  • Re purpose imaging devices with other customers.

Environmentally friendly

Finally resurfacing reuses parts instead of replacement and it makes environment sense. Many parts are processed 2-3 times. Resurfacing keep components out of our landfills and add mass and weight to the numbers of sustainability data collection programs.

ReMade In the USA!

Access to part solution domestically can eliminate long supply chains that OEMs are used to. Replacement parts can be ship same day in many cases.

While other service providers are paying up for parts or waiting for long lead times from overseas sources, smart operators are tapping into this alternative channel. Remanufactures solution providers like Metrofuser play a important role serving the imaging channel.

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