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13.B2.FF 13.B4.FF 13.B9.FF 13.D3.FF 13.E2.FF 13.E4.FF 13.E5.FF Jam Errors HP M651 M680 CM4540

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

13.B2.FF 13.B4.FF 13.B9.FF 13.D3.FF 13.E2.FF 13.E4.FF 13.E5.FF Paper Jam Errors on The HP M651 M680 CM4540

This printer error code is for paper in the path at power-on or after a door is closed.

13.B2.FF 13.B4.FF 13.B9.FF 13.D3.FF 13.E2.FF 13.E4.FF 13.E5.FF Jam Errors HP M651 M680 CM4540
13.B2.FF 13.B4.FF 13.B9.FF 13.D3.FF 13.E2.FF 13.E4.FF 13.E5.FF Jam Errors HP M651 M680 CM4540

Typically jam code errors ending in "FF" are residual errors which means there was paper or debris still in the printer after a THE DEVICE was powered on or a door was opened and closed.


Clear the paper path or debris labels etc. If that doesn't work, remove / inspect /clean or replace;

  • Tray 1 Pick up Assy

  • Paper Feed assy

Remove any jammed paper from the device. Thoroughly inspect the area the jam occurred and clear all paper from the paper path.

  • If the error persists, run the Paper-path Sensors Test

    • (M4555 page 413 of the Service Manual)

    • (M630 page 141 of the Troubleshooting Manual)

Replace the sensor or appropriate assembly of any failing sensors. Make sure that the service technician checks all connections on the DC Controller when replacing parts.

  • If the sensor or assembly fails to resolve the issue, Make sure technician has check all connections on DC controller for proper seating. Then if issue remains replace the DC Controller.

Paper path sensor test

  • Touch the Administration button.

  • Touch the Troubleshooting button, and then touch the Diagnostic Tests button.

  • Touch the Paper Path Sensors button.

  • Touch the Start Test button.

Note: If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to use an alternate source tray for this test. The paper path sensor tests check for the presence of media at each of the sensors along the paper path. As the media passes each sensor, the sensor's state is updated. When performing these tests, watch the control panel for the corresponding sensor to change from green to clear or clear to green. It can take a few seconds to change.

NOTE: PS102 and PS103 are not replaceable or removable

The PS103 TOP Paper Sensor

  1. Open the printer's top cover, and then remove the print cartridge.

  2. Raise the the printer's registration plate, and then use a small flat blade screwdriver to carefully activate the sensor flag.

  3. Check the printer's control-panel display for a sensor response.

  4. If there is no response, replace the part.

You will only have to replace the base product. Installed accessories or optional devices can be transferred to the replacement base product.

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