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Metrofuser Quality Assurance

Metrofuser is focused on remanufacturing printer parts to the highest level of quality. Ensuring the utmost attention to detail, every part is inspected and cross-checked for quality control purposes throughout the entire remanufacturing process - from disassembly, cleaning and testing to final finished product. We work closely with our manufacturing partners worldwide, to ensure the highest quality and unmatched availability.

The process is proven. It begins with a comprehensive written procedure for every part we offer. Technicians of various technical backgrounds rebuild every part down to its lowest level. From ICís on your printerís logic board, to the smallest spring on a fuser, every part is scrutinized to the most demanding quality control standards in our industry. Thatís what it takes to be the best and provide our partners with the most reliable printer parts out there.


Where our competitorsí remanufacturing capabilities end at mere cosmetic replacement, we take it to whole new level. We apply all factory and proprietary upgrades and enhancements to each remanufactured part. For electronic devices and PCBís, this includes upgrading to the latest applicable firmware revision to ensure full compatibility with current standards. Many of the parts we use in our remanufacturing process are manufactured exclusively to Metrofuserís rigid specifications; often well beyond off the shelf quality.


In compliance with ISO standards, Metrofuserís finely tuned Operations engine employs redundant quality control checkpoints throughout the logistic and production processes. Quality and production audits, third party testing, incoming materials inspection and post packaging inspection fully ensure all parts are remanufactured to the highest standard and provide an exceptional out of box experience to our customers.


Each remanufactured part is placed into a parametric test fixture to ensure it functions within all stated specifications of a new unit. Any deviations from the specification will cause the unit to be pulled as non-conforming material which requires a technician to correct the anomaly and send the unit back through the parametric testing process.


A full suite of functionality checks further ensure all remanufactured product performs as well as or better than Original Equipment. Full page graphic tests ensure complete and even page coverage and full nip distribution. Our full time test-technician closely monitors each unitís operation, listening for any auditory imperfections.


Metrofuserís commitment to quality cannot be understated. From the parts that go into our fusers, to the technicians that build them. From your sales partner who takes your order, to the packaging used to ship your parts. This commitment comes from 20+ years of combined experience and know-how. Weíve learned not only what works, but what doesnít work and have distilled this knowledge into the highest quality remanufactured printer parts on the market.








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