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Environmental Initiatives


To See Our Commitment To The Environment Just Follow Our Tracks

At metrofuser we take our responsibility as stewards of the environment seriously. We support programs that
Recycle through Remanufacturing. Metrofuser proactively collects and even purchases defective and end-of-life office machines and their components. Metrofuser feeds these assets into a comprehensive remanufacturing program, where they are rebuilt to a “like-new” state. Because we understand that for our business to thrive, the world in which we operate must thrive.


Metrofuser’s Whole Business Model is Based on Recycling and Reuse

Metrofuser reclaims, remanufactures then resells end of life components from office imaging machines such as laser printers and copiers. Our business model is designed around acquiring these assets which are otherwise destined for landfills and stripping components such as electronic boards, mechanical and electrical components from them. Once these components are removed, Metrofuser carefully remanufactures them to reintroduce the newly remanufactured part into the office IT ecosystem. Most of the components of these machines can be reused and reintroduced back into the ecosystem up to a half-dozen times. The residual effect of that alone significantly reduces the amount of electronic office equipment waste filling our landfills daily. 






Recycling through Remanufacturing

Metrofuser feeds these assets into a comprehensive remanufacturing program, where they are rebuilt to a “like-new” state. Quite often, Metrofuser’s engineers resolve many of the original factory flaws, thus increasing the life of the component and enabling Metrofuser to provide a “better-than-OEM” component and longer-than-OEM warranty. Finally, these parts are sold on “Exchange” – Metrofuser’s customers are given a discounted price on the remanufactured component if they promptly send the defective component back for remanufacturing, completing the cycle.




Winner of





Collection Return Program  

Metrofuser operates a Nation wide collection program. End of life parts from around the country return to Metrofuser’s technology center in Roselle, NJ for rehabilitation.


Remanufacturing Program

Last Year, Metrofuser remanufactured 58,000 mechanical and electronic parts.


Sustainable Packaging Program

Packing Material that boasts a 5 -10 times life cycle and compresses to 10 percent of their mass foot print with full support of a Nation wide materiel Return & Recycle Program from the vendor.


R2 Compliant Processes

Metrofuser has worked hard to develop internal programs that manage materials to assure full reclamation and downward stream disposal auditing.


Paper Recycling Program

E-Invoicing has reduced paper invoicing and delivery. Our company wide office paper and cardboard recovery has eliminated thousands of pounds of paper waste in landfills.


Last year the company reclaimed

  • 350,000 pounds electrical and mechanical parts

  • 22,000 pounds of aluminum metal

  • 144,000 pounds of Cardboard/Paper Recycling

  • 29,000 pounds of laser printers

Urban Economic Enterprise

Metrofuser’s technology center is headquartered within Roselle, New Jersey. Through commerce, the company, its vendors and customers make a direct impact into one of the fastest recovering communities in the state.


Continued Commitment

Metrofuser’s recycling commitment does not end with it’s remanufacturing program. Most of the parts that are replaced within the remanufactured components are made from widely recycled plastics and metals such as aluminum, gold, tin, brass, etc. Each part that can be recycled is removed and sold to recyclers across the state and country. Metrofuser will always be committed to exploring new recycling opportunities. The company will continue to expand its program through by raising awareness and increasing the rate of electronics recycling among its business consumers in the United States. Optimally, the goal is to achieve a 100% recycling rate, and to improve and continue to expand the program until that goal is met. Last year the imaging recycling industry saved 131 million pounds of solid waste from our nation’s landfills.






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